Copywriting example

Package Design- Typography, Illustration

Strategic management company Lean Data Newsletters-more than tripled the online click rate for newsletters, going from .8 percent to 5.5 percent. Visits to the blog site also increased 6 times from their previous average traffic. Newsletters were test-piloted with great success, and added to entire Lean Data database, about 50,000 people.

USAF Academy poster

Anthem Health Care

Gold Peak Tea advertisement-layout and illustration

Helping Hands Foundation non-profit logo

Crocs Shoes, character shoe design


House special section-print

Fredrich Air Conditioner advertisement-layout/illustration

MGMA newsletter Redesign

CALS Hospitals brochure

Devil’s Head ski resort brochure

Infographic Pueblo Chieftain

Infographic Southern Colorado Dept of Agriculture


Infographic for Johnson Controls

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater brochure


Business card